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Arch Indices VOI Core Absolute Income Index (VOIVWI) Announces Quarterly Rebalance and Index Portfolio Yield of 7.0%


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Arch Indices VOI Core Absolute Income Index (VOIVWI) announces its quarterly rebalance to reflect current market conditions.

Following the rebalance, the index portfolio yield is 7.0% and composed of 112 dividend stocks and 9 bond ETFs.

The Index universe is dividend stocks and 12 bond ETFs and optimized using the Arch Indices VOI weighting methodology to maximize current income and minimize expected portfolio volatility.

Dividend stocks are eligible for inclusion when meeting the criteria of: 1) minimum $2bn market capitalization, 2) minimum $20mm 3month average daily trading volume, 3) 3% dividend yield, and 4) 5 years of regular dividend history.

VOIVWI is a unique all-in-one income solution for investors. 

The rebalance will be effective as of the close on Thursday February 8, 2024.

Since our November 8, 2023 quarterly rebalance, VOIVWI has seen price appreciation of 3.8% 

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